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Gaggenau 200 series ovens in modern house

Ovens 200 series

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Steam ovens

Microwave ovens

Designed for the culinary connoisseur

The 200 series ovens and compact appliances offer a flush aesthetic, seamlessly integrating into your kitchen interior. The combi-steam ovens and combi-microwaves can be combined with a fully automatic espresso machine, warming and vacuum drawers for maximum visual and culinary impact.

Positioned vertically or horizontally , this elegant series comes in two finishes: Gaggenau Anthracite and Gaggenau Metallic.

Gaggenau 200 series oven

The 200 series ovens

A subdued aesthetic defines the 200 series: it sits flush to the surface, its handles match those of your 200 series cooling appliances, it does not dominate, yet it promises all the culinary prowess that the ambitious private chef could hope for. The ovens also utilise the distinctive solid stainless steel control knobs and TFT display. With up to 13 heating methods, core temperature probe and adjustable automatic programs, the oven is the clever all rounder of the series.

Gaggenau baking stone

Unleash its full potential

Accessories can unlock an entire culinary genre. The baking stone with heating element is the only way to perfect tarte flambés, pizzas and breads. Extendable rails, Gastronorm roasters and pizza paddles will complete your oven’s abilities, and yours.

Gaggenau 200 series combi-steam oven

The 200 series combi-steam oven

In the 20 years since we introduced combi-steam ovens to the private kitchen we have evolved ours to its current state of perfection, allowing you to steam, braise, bake, grill, gratinate and sous-vide. The 200 series offers a choice of fixed water connection with automatic cleaning system or easy-access, large water tanks. An enlarged, beautifully-lit cavity with a full surface grill under glass, chef assistance and adjustable automatic programs with four humidity levels.

Gaggenau 200 series combi-steam oven cavity

Greater illumination, less distraction

Discreet lighting from soft white LEDs reveal your masterpiece in the making, but not the full surface grill covered by glass.

Gaggenau 200 series combi-steam oven during cleaning cycle


Simply insert a special cartridge into your fixed-water connection combi-steam and it will clean and de-calcify itself thoroughly.

Gaggenau 200 series combi-microwave oven

The 200 series combi-microwave oven

In addition to traditional baking options, the combi-microwave adds greater cooking flexibility and convenience. Microwave, Grill, Bake independently or in combination.

Gaggenau 200 series combi-microwave oven close up

Don’t just heat, create

Programme your microwave to cook using a sequence of methods. It can start by defrosting using its microwave, then microwave and convection will cook before it grills to brown the dish. Not only is it capable of cooking your favourite recipes, the combi-microwave can store 50 of them.

Vacuuming drawers

Preserve ingredients, speed up the marinating process, make sous-vide simple, extend the life of opened wine, the list goes on.

Warming drawers

Warm up dinner plates or coffee cups, plus the warming drawer is perfect for defrosting, dough proving, browning or even slow cooking.

Fully automatic espresso machine

Personalised coffee settings stored under your name and the continuous flow heater ensure your coffee, tea or milk drink is exactly as you wish.

Gaggenau 200 series oven configuration options


Tailor your configuration of ovens to suit your culinary style and ambitions. Choose from ovens, microwave, combi-microwave, combi-steam, coffee machines and combine them with a warming or vacuuming drawer to not only create a professional kitchen environment but a sleek design.

Gaggenau 200 series oven colour options

Colour options

Choose from two options: Gaggenau Anthracite or Gaggenau Metallic.