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Gaggenau 200 series cooktops in modern house

Cooktops 200 series

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Flex induction


Vario cooktops

Cooktops 200 series: professional demands, private space

With controls conveniently situated on the appliance the cooktops 200 series offers the private chef a concentrated area to create the extraordinary.

The cooktops range from 28 cm to 90cm, each one designed to perform exceptionally to professional standards.

Tailor your cooktop to your ideal culinary scenario by seamlessly joining together our modular options from the Vario cooktops 200 series in an imposing black presence.

Close up of Gaggenau 200 series controls
Gaggenau 200 series flex induction cooktop

The flex induction cooktops

The induction offers a cooking surface that can transform into a clean, clear surface, some even have magnetic control knobs that are simply picked up and removed from sight when not in use.

Close up of Gaggenau 200 series controls

The expansive induction

The flex induction cooktops are for those who refuse to be restricted. A number of normal sized induction zones are presented, but for larger pans, simply touch a button to merge two zones into one large one.

Gaggenau 200 series gas cooktop

The gas cooktops

The 5 brass burners, produce up to 18,000 watts of power. A central burner, perfect for Wok cooking, is accompanied by 2 standard and 2 high output burners. Each one is mechanically regulated to strictly replicate 9 power levels exactly and consistently.

Gaggenau 200 series gas cooktop wok ring with burner lit

The wok at the heart of your cooking

The addition of the wok ring allows you to utilise the full 5.8 kW power of the central gas multi-ring burner. Other burners offer high or standard outputs.

Gaggenau 200 series vario configuration options

Tailor your cooktop to your ideal culinary scenario by seamlessly joining together our modular options. Ranging in scale from 15 cm to 90 cm, this is a very cohesive series, fusing state-of-the-art performance with intelligent design. Create your ideal cooktop, choosing from Teppan Yaki, flex induction, gas, grill or downdraft.

Gaggenau 200 series vario flex induction cooktop

The Vario flex induction

Combining cooking zones to double your heating area is decidedly useful when space is at a premium. The flex induction cooktops range from 28 cm to 60 cm, each offering a boost function producing a burst of 50 percent more power for searing, boiling or those simply in a hurry.

Gaggenau 200 series vario gas cooktop

The Vario gas cooktop

The Vario gas cooktops 200 series range from the diminutive yet powerful 28 cm single wok burner through to the all-encompassing five burner stretching over 90 cm.

Gaggenau 200 series vario Teppan Yaki cooktop

The Vario Teppan Yaki

The stainless steel Teppan Yaki will speed fry at a blistering 240°C and gently warm, it even offers a cleaning setting: simply add water. Maintaining the rectangular shape, it perfectly complements the cooking array, while providing a uniquely different heating experience.

Gaggenau 200 series vario electric grill

The Vario electric grill

Two separately controlled zones allow you to sear as well as gently cook on the one grill, that you will be happy to have out on view. The heat-retaining lava stones beneath provide an elegant backdrop to the grill.

Gaggenau 200 series vario downdraft ventilation

The Vario downdraft ventilation

Three power levels, an automatic and interval function and exceptional efficiency are condensed into 15 cm and seamlessly, almost invisibly, incorporated into your Vario black cooktop surface. Our 1976 invention has come a long way.

Technical wireframe of a gaggenau appliance

Vario 200 series cooktops: the details

Comprehensive specifications on the range of 200 series cooktops are available, including: key features, accessories, downloads, planning notes and CAD drawings.